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Fighting against dowry

Marriage is a sacred bond but between this bond , a stigma exists - which is dowry. Women are ill treated for the sake of dowry so they have a very strong provision against the ill treatment , that is Section 498a.

 Section 498a is a non bailable offence and that's why women use the power given to them ,sometimes in an unconstitutional way ie misuing it when there is a regular fight between husband and wife and puting false allegations against then men and bringing their whole family down just because of common marriage issues.

  I have witnessed one such issue and thought that it would be right to bring this topic out publicly so the issue can be solved and such issues can be avoided in future. I am mentioning here the incident that happened in Batala dated 18 June 2019

A false allegation was put on one of my brother  that they asked for dowry with the false allegations  and then they were also beaten up by a group which was brought up by the women who had put up the allegations. This is direct violation of Section 9 of Code Of Civil procedure which states that if the wife or the person who has put up the case , breaks into your home and creates a scene then it's beyond legal boundaries and the sufferer can put up a suit against them. 

Our constitution has given us many more options ie Section 227 of Code Of Criminal Procedure. If you believe that false allegations have been put up on you ie false allegations from the wife's side that you asked for dowry you can file an application that the case of dowry put up under Section 498a by the spouse(wife) is false and if it's proved then the allegations are removed. The neighbourers(husband) are working according to the legal procedure and will definitely file a case under Section 227 but the procedure taken by the wife's side is definitely unethical and has brought down the reputation of the husband's family down and has even created a mess publicly and even has physically abused the husband's mother which is definitely illegal as stated under Section 9 of The Code Of Criminal Procedure.

Reputation again very important part of the life and due to these cases it takes 1 min to spoil without any regrets mentioning the name of m Shivam sanan and my shameless relative who made this happen without conside the reputation of my family and shameful city batala police 

I am an educated person and I know how to go to a big level and I am aware of what to do and when to do 

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